We are happy to help you if you have any questions about punching or cutting dies. Whether it's a mould or die for a stand-alone press or a fully automated line – Cadcamatic designs and manufactures the tool that you need, always basing itself on the production design supplied.

Thanks to our extensive expertise regarding automation we are able to offer both the actual moulds and peripheries needed too. Decoilers, automatic guide systems, or robot loading can all be included in the scope of the project.


In a progressive die, the required part is formed by cutting and forming the strip material in the die step by step. The design and production of such tools require highly professional skills. Over the years, Cadcamatic has built up a solid reputation and the company is often quoted as a reference by others. We have an extensive track record of various projects in high-end applications, e.g. electronic interaction.

mould and die engineering